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The Masters of tradition from Arya Vaidya legacy of ancient Kerala bring to you -The ARYA VAIDYA PHARMACY AND HOSPITAL, in your neighborhood, now you can safely opt for effective, time tested treatment in a relaxing hygienic ambience under the qualified & experienced hands of doctors and therapists from Kerala.

Our expertise is ancient traditional Kerala Ayurveda, practices to combat today’s stress filled lifestyle disease without the side effects of allopathic medicine.

AYURVEDA – the science of life. Ayurveda is known to be the most dated back method of healing; the most ancient scientific system of medicine in the world. It is the traditional form of healing ailments in the body, the holistic way.

Ayurveda aims physical, psychological, spiritual and social welfare of living being.

Envisages the means of preservation of health, prevention and treatment of various ailments.

According to Ayurveda, the living body is composed of five basic elemental substances ie “Pancha maha bhootas” Viz Prithvi(earth), Ap(water), Thejas(fire), Vayu(air), Akasham(ether).Everything living and nonliving things in universe are composed of different combinations of these five Panchabhootas- the five physical elements constitue the three essential components of the living body which are termed as ‘Thridoshas’-the 3 humors  viz Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.

Vatha the controller of body is responsible for physical activity or the motion in living being. The entire physic- chemical phenomenon including biochemical, metabolic and endocrine functions are attributed to Pitha. The gross structure of the body (all solid and liquid) is constituted by Kapha. The equilibrium of the 3 humors results in good health and their excited and imbalance condition causes disease.

Ayurveda utilizes wealth of nature for increasing the natural resistance of the body. This science uses natures Panchabhootha elements to correct the imbalanced Panchbhootha elements in the body.

The Ayurvedic approach to the treatment of a disease consists of two major procedures.

  1. Samsodhana Chikitsa: The radical treatment supposed to eradicate or eliminate the vitiated humors, thus completely preventing or curing the disease.
  2. Samsamana Chikitsa: The conservative treatment by administration of appropriate ways designed for subsiding or alleviating the vitiated humors thus preventing or subsiding the disease.

Ayurveda favors the usage of all natural resources (plant origin, animal origin and mineral origin) for preparation of medicine. Ayurvedic treatments cause no toxic or side effects, no question of tolerance, resistance and addiction.